Main Character Energy


Zybrena Fine Art is a visual arts enterprise whose primary focus is creating space for honest and healthy self-expression in underrepresented communities. An advocate for self-love and mental health, artist, Zybrena Porter began this journey of creating to remind herself of the value and necessity of showing up authentically in the world. Seeing mental health in minority communities continually impacted by societal marginalization, she quickly resolved that the luxury of being fully secure in one’s own skin was one her community needed to be able to afford.

My work focuses on healing, strength, beauty and hope in our communities, reminding each of us that even if treated as peripheral, we remain the main character and catalyst of our stories.” - Zybrena

Zybrena Fine Art is tackling this mission through creating oil paintings, prints and displays that feature and depict women from across the African Diaspora, experiencing healing, self-empowerment and renewal of purpose.